Session 1

Okay guys, here's the recap of our first adventure:

Dramatis Personae:
    Mikey – Playing Eric, a human Warlock with a multi-class (Rogue) feat.
    Richard – Playing Daerron, a halfling pickpoc…er, Rogue.
    Nik – Playing Malfoy (nee Lucius, a.k.a. Luscious), a Tiefling Warlock.
    Sheldon – Playing Quinn, a Human Wizard.
    Dave – Playing Ellas, a Human Cleric of Zasavva.

After signing up with the Adventurer's Guild, a number of explosions were heard outside the inn where the meeting was being held.  When someone went to leave the back room, a final explosion blew knocked everyone unconscious.

Erik awakens to the unpleasant sight of a red carapaced beetle cralwing over his leg.  Instinctively kicking it off, it bumps into the wall, knocking another beetle that was crawling up the wall down onto the floor.

Even more distressing was the sight of a carpet of small, regular-sized beetles rushing to, and overcoming, some unfortunate individual.

Everyone quickly woke up, and began fighting the beetles.  After seeing the beetle-rushed body stand and begin to move, Daerron beat a quick retreat towards the doors of the inn.  After noticing the motionless bodies of two representatives of the Guild, he began to pick their pockets.  Under the guise of administering first aid, he also managed to 'acquire' a pair of Ironic Gloves of Thievery +1.

After the six-legged menaces were defeated, the PCs learned via Eva (their Guild Liaison) that 'something is wrong' and the temple might hold some answers.

Leaving the inn, they notice for the first time that something definitely iswrong.  The inn they just fought in was not the same inn they were in before they were unconscious.  The layout of the streets was nothing like the layout of the Hub.  The air tasted and smelled of ash.  Colours were muted, while blacks, whites, and greys seemed to be intensified.  Ellas immediately thought they were no longer on Alphai, and began to wonder if he was the cause of all this.

Even worse, there wasn't just one temple in the immediate vicinity, there was two.

Needing answers, the group headed out to the closest of the two temples.  A smaller one that resembled a chapel more than a large temple.  Malfoy struck out ahead of the party, but didn't notice three dragon-like creatures circling the three small spires of the chapel.  The rest of the party did, however, and so were ready when the reptillian creatures dived out of the sky at them.

Erik ran forward and grabbed the oblivious Malfoy, and ducked for safety into a desolate house.  One of the creatures had the audacity to steal one of Daerron's shuriken, and so, like a halfling posessed, did whatever it took to get the damn thing back.

After a battle (where Ellas almost lost his lantern and a drake got caught in the Death Star trench), the group made their way towards the temple.

The temple, like the rest of the city, was abandoned and decrepit.  Nothing but darkness was inside, so Daerron tossed in a sunrod to light the inside.  There was an audible rustle of wings as the rod burst into light.  Quinn offered to cast light on a shuriken, and Daerron threw it into the rafters where it stuck, startling a swarm of stirges, causing them to fly out of the chapel like a flock of bats.

The small creatures were indeed quite deadly, taking Daerron down twice.  Only through the careful ministrations of Ellas and his goddess did he survive.  Only Malfoy was untouched by the bloodthirstly things, wisely staying far away from the fight and tossing Elderitch Blasts and Emo Bolts.  Quinn used an area-effect spell and took out three of the damned things at once.

Searching the chapel, they discovered that wherever they were, the Old Gods were worshipped here at one point.  The chapel had small pools of blessing dedicated to The Raven Queen, Erathis, and Melora.  After digging through the rubble, Eric found an amulet of protection +1.

At this point, the party was in bad shape.  Daerron was barely keeping it together physically, and many other members had used their daily abilities.  It was time to rest.  Watches and traps were set up, and everyone slept.

Night never came.  Neither did morning.

Not finding any plot-related items in the first temple, the group ventured to the second temple.  Daerron once again cast a sunrod into the center, only slightly illuminating skeletal corpses cluttered around an altar.  Venturing for a second look, he scaled the walls and looked inside.  Seeing only a mouth on the front of the altar, he rappeled down into the darkness while the rest of the party went towards the front door.

Unbeknownst to Daerron, lurking in the shadows were the ghoulish remains of a member of the Adventurer's Guild, and it attacked.

The fight was intense, difficult, and intensely difficult.  Surrounded by three skeletons and the ghoul, all in flanking position, Daerron nearly died.  Only by making a tactical withdrawal did he survive.

But he managed to recover, sucessfully attacking with his Easy Target ability, gaining an advantage over his undead foe. 

The undead spirit of a member of the Order stood transfixed by the vision of a living member of his Order, and Ellas managed to put his spirit to rest.

Daerron, curious to the last, rushed towards the altar to see if it had any hidden latches or catches, and was surprised when the mouth began to speak.  It related the final words of the member of the Order they had just fought.  They had failed in their mission to create a portal on this world.  The object they needed to create the portal-the Stelae-was stolen by creatures unknown, back to their forest lair.

Now knowing how to get home, the party once again rests… and then sets out to find the Stelae, and the Magicka needed to charge it….

<u>Stuff for me To Do</u>:
   —READ THE RULES.  While it's good that Richard has a commanding… command over the rules, I should really read up on them more.
   —Double-check the future encounters.  That undead battle was a bitch, even though it looked good on paper.  I don't want to have
   —Spruce up the last encounter map/Draw it with Dundjinni.

Leave any comments/kudos/criticism/suggestions you want





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