Along with the thaums, the Elves disappeared.  Without magic, Elves cannot live.  Magic, as was said before, is part of their very nature.  Without it, they would die.  

A small band assaulted the Hub, trying to stop the Magisters from completing their task.  The other Elves returned to their homeland, and prepared rituals to beseech the gods for assistance, or at least to prepare a place for them in the afterlife.  Some say their gods answered them.

Der’athlan, one of the Elves’ most eminent sages, discovered a text detailing a legendary plane, the birthplace of the Elvish people—the Feywild.  News of this discovery spread throughout the Elvish people, and along with it, hope.  If the Elves came from the Feywild, perhaps it was possible to return there and escape their coming destruction!

Fortunately, it was possible.  While the other races prepared to Purge Alphai of it’s energies, the Elves prepared their own great ritual, and seconds before magic left, they stepped through an enormous portal, and into their new ancestral home.


Alphai gaston