The Surge

At first, mutations were considered minor annoyances, but soon enough more serious changes began to happen. The master mage Otiluke cast a simple Light spell, expecting a globe of light to illuminate his study.  Instead, his tower exploded, creating a crater almost half a mile in diameter.  

Unstable thaums did not just affect spells.  Some creatures exert natural control over the thaums that reside within them, and when the thaums became unstable, the beasts became unstable as well.  Normally docile unicorns would impale people without any warning.  The patient, intelligent, scheming dragons of the world rampaged the countrysides, destroying everything in gouts of fire, or blasts of acidic breath.  

While mages gain their abilities through study, sorcerers have an innate knowledge of the function of magical energies.  When the energies started behaving in odd ways, it affected sorcerers in dangerous ways.  They began to slowly lose their grip on reality, began seeing things differently, and these differences caused them to see things that weren’t there.  They would lash out at unseen threats, accuse people of consorting with demons, or attack people for no reason.  They became paranoid, delusional, and just plain insane.  It’s no surprise that even today, sorcerers are looked upon with fear and distrust.

But worse off were the elves. Born of the earliest magics of creation, they are far more sensitive to the currents and eddies of thaumaturgical energies than even the strongest sorcerer.  In the days before the Surge, elves were seen as artists, with magic as their art.  The spells they would weave astounded the other races with their beauty and complexity.  But with the mutated thaums inside them, some became more aggressive and warlike and began to attack neighboring countries.

It was then, that the nations of the world came up with a plan. Since the cause of all the problems was the Surge, was the fact that the thaums had become unstable.  The greatest thaumaturgical minds of the world decided that the only way Alphai and it’s people could be saved would be to eliminate all thaums from the world.

The Surge

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