Alphai was a world steeped in magic. For reasons unknown, however, magic began to change, becoming unstable and dangerous. When it became apparent that the very magical energies that were an integral part of life on Alphai would eventually destroy it, a decision was made to purge magic from the world.

Half a millennia after the Purge, magic is slowly coming back to the world. The very spot where all the great mages sent the volatile thaumaturgical forces into the beyond is now the location of a portal to other worlds controlled by a new religious order. Guilds and merchant houses pay this order for use of the portal, to exploit these worlds’ newfound resources, research, or simply to explore new vistas.

The return of magic also heralds the return of magical threats, both ancient and new. What’s more, the general populace is not prepared to deal with these dangers.

This is Alphai, a world both changed changing because of magic.